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Award Entry: ‘Made for now’ by Lobke Stroet

Interior Design entry: Made for now Shop Interior Made for now is a pop-up store concept that strives to use vacancy and turn it into something positive and useful. As well as, adding value to the shopping experience by showing the process of handmade products, to give people both a tactile as a visual feeling […]

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Award Entry: ‘Villa afrit 21’ Interior by Joy Bolk

Interior Design entry: Villa afrit 21 Interior How can a dull white interior become inhabitable once again? By connecting to the colors and textures of the dunes right outside, and reorienting the rooms to the course of the sun, it became a warm welcoming home, bringing this unique place to its full potential. Name: Joy […]

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Award Entry: ‘Cafe 7′ by Mohamed Khalifa

Interior Design entry: Cafe 7 Café club 7 is located in October city a fast growing suburb near the Giza plateau and it serves those interested in casual dining and a sip on the run. The project is constructed on a total area of 300 m² including a cuisine, an outdoor dining area and an […]

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OITOEMPONTO perfection now also in Art & Antiques

The total concept principle The vague boundaries of taste are what define the creative work done at OITOEMPONTO, a luxury Portuguese brand based in Porto and devoted to architecture and interior design. One of pure luxury and refinement. Its founders, Artur Miranda and Jacques Bec, craft timeless creations where their freedom allows them to work […]

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