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Art: Reflections by Oskar Zieta

Oskar Zieta for Sotheby’s Vienna The Polish-Swiss team of Oskar Zieta design process starts with his show “Reflections“ at the offices of Sotheby‘s first attempt to make appear transparent sheet. The objects Zietas, his inflated metal furniture, as part of the show wrapped in boxes, which are lined with patterns. Through small peepholes to the […]

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Street Art: By Clemens Behr

Origami and architecture German artist Clemens Behr uses the simplest materials to create complex ephemeral architectures, which fill gallery spaces with origami-like structures. Working with recycled materials and basic geometric forms, Behr dreams up installations that result in subtle confusions between 2D painting and 3D objects. Not content with the confines of gallery spaces, Behr […]

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Art: "Sunflower" by Damien Hirst

beautiful sunflower panerai painting English artist Damien Hirst’s new paintings give the feeling of spinning, and that’s not by accident. The new pieces, called Beautiful Sunflower and Beautiful Fractional Sunflower are actually created by a process called spin painting. In addition to the spin painting technique, the components from renown Italian watch brand Panerai are […]

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D’SIGN’s Weekly Dose: Art Biennale Istanbul Eylem Aladogan

Awardwinning artist Eylem Aladogan  Dutch Designer, Eylem Aladogan is the winner of the Volkskrant Art Prize 2009. She received the award Sunday from jury president Hedy d’Ancona for its “varied, though highly professional work of sculptures, installations and drawings.” Aladogan’s sculptures and installations evoke the tension of reaching for something or bracing for flight, turning […]

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D’SIGN’s Weekly Dose: Beijing Design Week Paul Cocksedge

Beijing Design Week 2011 Paul Cocksedge Studio has been selected by 2011 Beijing Design Week and the First Beijing International Design Triennial to exhibit a major installation entitled ‘Manuscript (Seats of Poetry)’ set to be a key highlight of the festival which this year features London as its guest city. Paul Cocksedge Studio’s sculptural design […]

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