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Renate Nederpel Winner of the D’SIGN Award selected for DDD 2015

Renate Nederpel one of the talents DDD)

Every year a happy few selected designers get the chance to take part in a special talent program: Driving Dutch Design (DDD) a program organised by BNO, that helps novice designers on their way into the world of entrepreneurship. They follow a series of master classes, sparring with a personal coach, take part in sessions co-creation and work out how they present themselves during Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven to the outside world.

Driving Dutch Design
Driving Dutch Design

Within the Dutch Design project is place for fifteen talented and passionate designers / start-ups. Renate Nederpel also winner of the D’SIGN Award Public Choice 2014 with her design PopUp Linnen a foldable wardrobe is selected to take part at this program that guided young creative designers in the development of their business.

DDD Masterclass
DDD Masterclass

For eleven months the start ups commits themselves, to a series of master classes / workshops in the fields as finance, management, presentation, profiling and internationalization. All these different elements encourage the participants to think about their own profile and how that profile is relates to the outside world. They learn how to act in a business environment, how to look into what clients want, and  how to work together as a team. Those skills are crucial if you want to make a name in the design world. Certainly if you look to how the world and the design profession evolve: it is still expected more situational awareness, you must be flexible and resilient, and without teamwork you nowhere.

Renate Nederpel the Netherlands
One of the designs by Renate Nederpel PopUP Linen

Renate Nederpel; “I’m really looking forward to this program, which include among other things a personal presentation and a joint presentation by all participants. Also working with other designers is interesting to see how we evolve.”

DDD is an initiative of ABN AMRO, Association of Dutch Designers (BNO) and Dutch Design Week (DDW) in collaboration with Culture and Entrepreneurship, Chamber of Commerce, Baker & McKenzie and EY.

Website: www.renatenederpel.nl


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