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Promising design-talent rewarded at D’SIGN Awards

It’s here! The very latest edition of the D’SIGN magazine Awards!

After an exciting competition in recent months, on Friday 3 October the winners were announced at the Amsterdam Furniture Fair [Woonbeurs Amsterdam] in the Amsterdam Rai and the professional jury presented the much-coveted trophies to four young designers

D'SIGN Awards ceremony Banner
The first edition of the D’SIGN Awards is a fact

The Award Event kicked off in a relaxed but exciting atmosphere in the Living Theatre [Woontheater] in the central hall of the Amsterdam Furniture Fair [Woonbeurs Amsterdam]. With a cosily filled hall and a fully-present professional jury, the presentation of the prizes got off to a good start

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 63
Nominees, family and press

The competition had initially been divided into five categories, but the jury decided to reduce the number to four. These were Ecological, Home Interior, Kitchen and Lifestyle Design. Plus an Overall prize, to be presented to the designer chosen as the best in all categories.

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 7
Introduction by owner D’SIGN magazine and founder of D’SIGN Awards

The expert jury consisting of Huib van Winkoop, owner of TopiQ, Sef van der Plas, employed with Kabaz architects, Jack van Dijk, owner of & Van Dijk interior design, Sophie de Vocht, Frozen Fountain and Monique Willemse, owner of Momoko. Unfortunately, Monique Willemse was absent, and Jack van Dijk took upon himself the honourable task of presenting the prize to the winner in the Kitchen Design category.

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 14
D’SIGN Awards glass objects

This year, after much deliberation, the jury unanimously announced the following winners:

Ecological design: Yur & Ingeveldt with milk jewellery from the IJsselvallei
Home interior design: Reinaart Vandersloten with Space+
Kitchen design: Lisanne van Zanten & Renée Boute with Tastemaker
Lifestyle design: Nynke Koster with Coexist

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 39
Jurymember from left to right; Jack van Dijk, Sophie de Vocht, Huib van Winkoop and Sef van der Plas

The jury’s opinion: Huib van Winkoop
Winners Ecological Design; Yur en Ingeveldt – Milk Jewellery from the Ijssel Valley

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 10
Huib van Winkoop

In this category, the jury mainly looked at new forms in relation to the product and the valuation and revaluation, use, re-use, definition and redefinition of existing and new materials.

The jury is of the opinion that the jewellery of Noëlle Ingeveldt and Juriaan van Berkel creates a special relationship between the origin of the material (the cows in the IJsel area), the designers and the wearers. The traceability of the material makes an important contribution to the appreciation of the product.

With Milk Jewellery, there is not just a product but also of a clear mark identity with credible core values. In the jury’s view, the presentation, including the amazing photography and packaging which relate to the product’s character, will contribute toward Milk Jewellery’s chances of success on the market.

Winners Yur and Ingeveldt
Winners Yur and Ingeveldt

Jurymember: Sef van der Plas,
Winner Home Interior Design: Reinaart Vandersloten met Space+

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 25
Sef van der Plas

Besides being a decorative object against the wall, this is particularly a movement leading to a new space. These characteristics make the Space+ with its temporary interactive use a durable solution fitting for our times.
It’s there when you need it!

Winner Reinaart Vandersloten
Winner Reinaart Vandersloten

Jurymember: Jack van Dijk
Winners Kitchen Design: Lisette van Zanten and Renee Boute – Tastemaker

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 29
Jack van Dijk

A design that rouses curiosity and awakes the senses. It raises awareness of what we eat, which is a current day worry. The jury loves the use of classic shapes rehashed into an innovative product.

D'SIGN Awards 2014 Uitreiking Renee Boute winnaar Kitchen Design_7 kopie
One of the winning designers of Tastemaker Renee Boute

Jurymember: Sophie de Vocht
Lifestyle Design: Nynke Koster – Coexist

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 60
Sophie de Vocht

A special study of a new view of architecture. The result is interesting objects that serve as furniture, but which also possess great visually strength. Their flexible material makes them a surprising experience to use. The standard of the category winners was pretty high this year so making a choice for the overall winner was no easy task.

Unfortunately Nynke Koster could not attend the Award ceremony. We congratulate her with her success of winning the D’SIGN Awards and wish er all the luck in her carrier.

D'SIGN Awards ceremony 2014
Winner of the D’SIGN Awards 2014 Nynke Koster

Up-and-coming talent Reinaart Vandersloten from Belgium was chosen as the overall winner.

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 48
Graham Sturt

Chairman of the jury Graham Sturt about the final findings from the jury. 

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 37
Graham Sturt about the dissension for the Overall Winner

To provide a framework in which to make our joint decision easier I had two criteria in mind which a potential overall winner had to meet. These were ‘Is this a brilliant and innovative idea?’ and ‘Is it executed in a beautiful way?’.

For the most part the majority of category winners satisfied 50% of these criteria but overall two entries really stood out. It meant that we had to go to a show of hands amongst the jurors. In the case of a tie in the judge’s decision, as Chairman I would have the casting vote. Thankfully no casting vote was needed as the overall winner, after a little discussion, the overall winner rose to the top as an entry which truly answered both initial criteria perfectly.

Space+ by Reinaart Vandersloten
Space+ by Reinaart Vandersloten

We chose Space+ by Reinaart Vandersloten as it answers an ever-increasing problem faced by city dwellers – one of having to adapt to living in small spaces. By creating this multifunctional wall object Reinaart gives the possibility of added storage where there was none before, physically enlarging your living space. A great idea made even greater by a truly aesthetically pleasing execution.

Congratulations to Reinaart with Space+ and to all of the entries into this years awards. It was a great experience to see and judge the work.

D'SIGN Awards 2014 Met Gabrielle Voogt en Overall Winner Reinaart Vandersloten_6 kopie
Overall Winner Reinaart Vandersloten.

In addition, in September, the public voted for their favourite designer on the magazine’s website. With 617 votes, designer Renate Nederpel won the Public Award [publieksprijs] with her design “PopUp Linen”.

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 43
Renate Nederpel Public’s Choice

The jury was also unanimously that there had to be an honourable mention for Lisette Bokma and Roos with their projects WEI and Canorgraphy. These designs are an anticipation of the future where there are even more awareness for food and the process of designing.

Honourble mation D'SIGN Awards 2104 2
Lisette Bokma with WEI and Roos Meerman with Canorgraphy

The annual competition of D’SIGN magazine offers young designers an exclusive stepping stone to publicity, fame and recognition. The winners will be closely followed a year long by D’SIGN magazine, and enjoy a unique opportunity to display their talent to an international public.

D’SIGN magazine congratulates all the winners. We are deeply proud of them and will follow them closely on their way to success. We also wish to thank all contributors for taking part in the D’SIGN Awards 2014 and wish them much success in their design careers.

We look forward to next year’s submissions to the D’SIGN Awards 2015

Awards Uitreiking 2014 D'SIGN magazine 51
Our influencers

Special thanks go to our influencers:
Vbat brand and design agency, Amsterdam
TopiQ communication and public affairs
The Amsterdam Furniture Fair [Woonbeurs Amsterdam] Ingrid van Schooten
Young Designers United for the clothing
Photography © Rick van Eijk

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