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Design: Playful “Tuplet” Made from Translucent Fabric

Tuplet lamp a playful design Tuplet is a floor lamp that uses a mesh fabric called Buckram. Buckram is impregnated with resin and is usually used to make the inner structure of hats. It is molded into shape by wetting and when it’s dry, it retains a self-supporting strength while remaining the translucent quality of […]

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Design Water Carafes by Maud van Deursen at DDW

Good-quality tap water: don’t take it for granted The quality of Dutch tap water is exceptional. Regulations for tap water are stricter than those for bottled water. And yet, bottled water is a thousand times more expensive, plus, it has a negative effect on the environment. Maud van Deursen wants to make users aware of […]

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The Pushmax by Max Mutgeert

Universal quality furniture The PUSHMAX is designed to be universal. Can be used by childeren and with a little change, by adults as well. With this table-chair the designer wants to show that he innovates to be more simple! Made of solid plastic, the product is a durable quality item. In general: Today we all […]

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Vivid luxurious apartment by Flair Egypt

MS residence – residential A contemporary residential apartment located in the quiet suburb of New Cairo. The project was designed for a dynamic couple with a busy and kind of vivid lifestyle. Earth tones add up warmth to the overall ambience while detailed patterns echo luxury and comfort. A chic reception designed to welcome and […]

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‘Untamed’ Painting by Gøkhan Tanatars

Atmospheric portrait by Gøkhan Tanatars Gøkhan Tanatars portraits are simultaneously present and vivid, but always with the eyes averted and terminated in the dark. Beautiful and atmospheric works that despite their directness, yet open for the viewer’s own interpretations. The inner demons are let loose and you get a moments opportunity to reflect in the […]

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