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Marc de Groot and Danielle Kwaaitaal present “Black and other Colors”

Edition of the Elle Decoration Inside Design

One of the highlights of the 10th edition of the Elle Decoration Inside Design is the exhibition “Black and other Colors” by lighting designer Marc de Groot and artist/photographer Danielle Kwaaitaal together they decorated an enchanting style room at the Herengracht 520 in Amsterdam. Kwaaitaal shows her still life’s and part of her series “Captured”, styled by Mada van Gaans. Marc de Groot shows his Helix light design of the BlackGold edition. Both authors share their love of craftsmanship. Their technical work is perfectly executed and has a natural stillness, simplicity and naturalness. The first that you will experience by seeing the pictures and objects is, that the development of their work is a time consuming process. Every detail is worked out with great knowledge and love and made into perfection. It is not surprising that these contemporary images and design hit you right in the heart.

“Black and other Colors” exhibition

It’s all about Lightsays Marc de Groot. The designs of Marc de Groot come from a mathematical principle by Fibonacci. By re-inventing this mathematical theory, De Groot was able to create natural beauty out of simplicity and natural pattern. The Helix consists of a geometrical shape which is repeated five times, folded and joined together. The Helix connects the old craftsmanship with modern design in a unique way. The work of Kwaaitaal clearly has its pillars in the digital landscape. And her new work “Captured” based on a photograph of Man Ray of his wife Juliet Browner caught in a stocking, have a personal and delicate appearance. The pictures of Kwaaitaal and designs of De Groot are modest yet sophisticated: they continue to fascinate. through their layering.

“Captured” by Danielle Kwaaitaal

Danielle Kwaaitaal is an independent artist/photographer and was known in the ’90s with her digitally manipulated photographs with which she explored the limits of photography. Still, the relationship between film, photography and painting is evident in her work. Her refined sense of aesthetics and composition give her images as a personal and sensitive look. Kwaaitaal‘s contemporary approach to classical themes make her pictures aware in the present time, the love for painting is tangibly present in its laborious photo compositions.

Work by Danielle Kwaaitaal is included in several corporate and museum collections, including the Stedelijk Museum, Groninger Museum, the Museum Foundation and the Can Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art in Istanbul. Also on display, culminating in the 450 m2 measuring glass composition on the BC pier at Schiphol Airport.

“Black and other Colors” exhibition

Marc de Groot studied Graphic design in Utrecht and is working now as a designer of lighting products and as a designer and interior architect. since ’95 He gained international fame with many publications in professional journals and in 2006 he was winner of the Best of The Best Award” during the 100% Design in Rotterdam. His work stands out in execution of line and lightness. To out all his work he pays attention to all direct and indirect aspects. Form, function and a clear authentic handwriting are hereby inseparable. His work is among other things to see in London, Milan, LA and Amsterdam.

Mentioned in Elle November as one of the highlights

“Captured” and more work by Danielle Kwaaitaal Flatland Gallery
“Helix” and other Designs by Marc De Groot


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