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Geometry with the Okto cabinet by Jasserstudio

Okto cabinet by Jasser van Oort

The mesmerising Okto cabinet by Jasser van Oort is a 1st generation computer designed cabinet still showing it’s underlying pixel- and geometrystructure. That is normally used to create it’s organic form and colour. The cabinet is inspired on the transformative characteristics of an octopus. The octopus is a master in fooling whatever is looking at him and reminds us that there is more information there than what meets the eye.

Through camouflage the Okto cabinet reflects the world around him, connecting it’s digital structure with our physical world. It questions the link between the mathematical properties we experience in our own universe in relation to coding from the computer. The cabinet shows the transformation from the digital to the physical world, as well as those between geometric abstraction and organic form.”All computer-drawn designs are created from geometry and pixels. What may look like an organic shape, is when we zoom in, constructed from a large sequence of geometry, also known as polygons. The more pixels and geometry can be used to make us see the image as real as possible.” Says Jasser van Oort.

The Okto serie consist of 9 limited editon handcrafted cabinets, each cabinet is one- of-a-kind and part of the bigger storyline. The cabinets shows a physical research in art-history, combining it’s digital structure with ancient craft, materials and styles. The first Okto cabinet is created from 1800 pieces of wooden geometry inlaid with a Moore&Giles leather pattern reconstructing the natural skin of an Octopus.

Jasser van Oort(1990) is the artist behind the Okto cabinet. Born in Arnhem as son of carpenter Fred Mensink (1960), Jasser has been strongly influenced by the art of craft. Jasser Studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and graduated in 2014 with the production of the first two chairs that will finally be the start of his ‘Skin Collection’. The collection consists of various desks, tables, cabinets and chairs. The thread that links them all together; Handcrafted geometry. The collection is created using innovative moulding techniques in combina- tion with a laser cutter. The combination of craftsmanship and computer- controlled technology is a major characteristic. The name ‘Skin Collection’ refers to the ‘new’ skins that are created when craft and technology are combined, showcasing a physical research in material and technological progress.

“Think not of what you see, but what it took to produce what you see”

Fascinated by the underlying cause of nature’s rhythms and regularities, Jasser’s work explores the mathematical structure behind our perceptive reality, using manufacturing processes that are often as innovative as the end results. The designs are characterized by the combination of craft and technology, showing the future of innovative 21st century craftsmanship as a follow up on the traditional Art&Crafts movement.

His incredible design consists of hundreds, sometimes more then a thousand pieces of geometry. All geometry is glued, sanded and refined by hand, an incredible skilled process that can take up months of work.

For more info: www.jasser.nl


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