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D’SIGN Museum App: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Collection more than 20.000 artworks in one app

With considerable regularity, new art apps are released for the iPhone, but as enormous as this new app with the collection from the Rijksmuseum you see not often. In the application you can read information and look at images from no-less than 7319 paintings, 8306 drawings and 4525 objects. Together you can inquire about 20,150 works of art from the Rijksmuseum collection, and you can save each photo in the photo album or send them via email or Facebook.

Rijksmuseum Collection IPad
Rijksmuseum Collection IPad

Rijksmuseum collection is not an official app from the Rijksmuseum, but a smart way of connecting (or in this case more effective: forgery). The application uses the API, the code is made ​​available by the Rijksmuseum itself, and this apps makes good use of it. Because the application is universal, you can also use it after downloading on the smaller screen of the iPhone or iPod touch models.

Rijksmuseum Collection IPad
Rijksmuseum Collection IPad

The collection of the Museum consists of works by Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer and they fill in a large part of the collection of paintings themselves. Apart from scrolling true the collection, you can also search in one of three categories. You will see various artworks together added with a brief description. That description comes back as you open a work of art in the app, but you can make it disappear with a single tap on your screen. You can also save artwork as your favourites you can watch them with the top-left button for easy access.

Downloaden: Rijksmuseum Collection (€0,79, universal app)


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