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Abel Costeur support against breast cancer!

There’s a story to every image Abel Costeur, Professional light-painter from Belgium, brings the lightpaint-art to a next level. Abel makes his photographs in combination with a Pixel-stick and Led-lights. By supporting Barco with his work, he wants to bring the subject Breast cancer extra “in the picture”.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015 is coming […]

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Collaborations for innovation

Melding our brains together Collaborations between different disciplines, companies and types of organizations with the aim of improving their capacity to innovate has been unanimously signalled as important. But for most people this goal, however ideologically resonant, seems difficult to achieve. What, for instance, can a designer, a scientist, an engineer, and a manager do […]

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The time of my life

My generation During the last couple of years I have frequently heard people say that my generation, generation Y/ the millenials / iGen and a.k.a. the internet generation is lazy and has no ambition. We are supposedly arrogant, self-centred, and possessing a short attention span. We don’t fight for our rights like for instance the […]

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