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Surreal photography by Jean-Yves Lemoigne

Jean-Yves Lemoigne is on his way to becoming European royalty Paris-based Jean-Yves Lemoigne has been in advertising photography since 2004 and delivers surrealistic photos for some of the biggest creative agencies in the world. Which is not surprising when you consider the quality of his work and the fact that each of his photographs is […]

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Hong Yi and her 31 days of food creativity

Play with your food Malaysian artist and architect Hong Yi sometimes goes by the name Red. She’s been all over the internet lately with her most recent project, a thirty-one day challenge to create works of art with everyday food’s. Just last week, she finished her amazing, plate-bounded, edible food landscapes. You can see them […]

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The Minimalist by Christopher Domakis

Awarded documentary photographer Christopher was studying IT economics. His job perspectives were positive and he was headed for a safe spot in life. But it didn’t take long until it became clear that he didn’t put half the passion into his studies as into his dearest hobby: photography. Christopher decided to follow his creative vein, […]

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No holding back in Miles Aldridge’s photographs

The age of pleasure Perhaps influenced by the psychedelic art of his dad Alan, the younger Aldridge’s creations also employ a kaleidoscopic palette, but star a cast of expressionless Stepford mannequins whose vacuity draws in the viewer, inviting them to fill in the emotional blanks in fractured scenes reminiscent of dreams… Everything about the art […]

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Photography: Minuture Art “Little Dudes”

The “Little Dudes” Photo Series I happened to stumble upon JD Hancock’s series of vivid and entertaining photos titled, “Little Dudes”, while perusing Flickr’s Creative Commons archives for iPhone related imagery. His iPhone + miniature people photos are a humorous blend of technology and old fashion railroad model figures doing everyday things like picnicking, playing […]

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Minuscule photo collection by Maite Guerrero

Setting the mood! “Another way to see the world, the little things are more important than we think…” – Maite Guerrero Search for photo manipulations practically anywhere online and you might be surprised at the varying quality you’ll find. The majority of photo manipulations are unconvincing at best, and some are downright awful. Not so […]

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Photography: Ryan Yoon for Virgine Magazine

All You Can Get by Ryan Yoon All You Can Get is a feature by photographer Ryan Yoon for Virgine Magazine that uses the most unusual, everyday objects to create high-fashion. From Tide laundry detergent to Diet Coke to dogs, Yoon captures these women in a way you might see in Vogue, except then you […]

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Photography: Ranking the eyes by John Rankin

Colour controle by Rankin John Rankin Waddell (most commonly known and referred to simply as Rankin) living and working in London as photographer who’s dramatic, photographic style caught international attention. Another self-made success, his work is primarily fashion or portrait photography, although he does deviate for personal projects. His work, regardless of intent, purpose or […]

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