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Collaborations for innovation

Melding our brains together Collaborations between different disciplines, companies and types of organizations with the aim of improving their capacity to innovate has been unanimously signalled as important. But for most people this goal, however ideologically resonant, seems difficult to achieve. What, for instance, can a designer, a scientist, an engineer, and a manager do […]

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Envisioning a new way to enjoy Japanese beer

The ephemeral view of Mt. Fuji, in your hand Beer, is a beverage that is drunk in countries all around the world. Its abundance and variation exceeds that of bottled water, and every country is proud of their national beer brands. The beer drinking culture has also influenced the design of the vessel itself. The […]

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Meet the talented Meike Harde

A force for rethinking technologies and construction rules If you have never heard of the talented young designer Meike Harde, now is a good time for an introduction! Meike creates designs which are both a treat for the eye as well as practical in use. Harde works with common materials and places them in new […]

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The time of my life

My generation During the last couple of years I have frequently heard people say that my generation, generation Y/ the millenials / iGen and a.k.a. the internet generation is lazy and has no ambition. We are supposedly arrogant, self-centred, and possessing a short attention span. We don’t fight for our rights like for instance the […]

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