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Design: Detailed work by Corina Sevilla Humphrey

Winner of the Meetmarket design competition The in Mexico born Corina Sevilla Humphrey make not only inspiring designs but is also the winner of this years design challenge organised by VBAT Meet Market. Corina studied Industrial Design at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, campus Guadalajara. In 2013, she moved to Eindhoven […]

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The astounding designs by Jeroen Verdaasdonk

Design inspired by architecture Jeroen Verdaasdonk (1980) started his design studio, JavyDesign in 2007. He combines his engineering experience and his curiosity to design extraordinary objects. Using his creativity and imagination he creates innovative and valuable products. His passion for design and appreciation of beauty, lead him on his creative journey. Inspired by technique and […]

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Design: Elements of Time by Nynke Koster

Elements of Time create a overview of style period’s “Elements of Time is a collection of stools by Nynke Koster, Her designs brings art and architecture together. For the collection, she searched for architectural ornaments and made moulds of various building elements. The four stools are part of a time-line, consisting of fragments of architectural […]

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Design: Playful “Tuplet” Made from Translucent Fabric

Tuplet lamp a playful design Tuplet is a floor lamp that uses a mesh fabric called Buckram. Buckram is impregnated with resin and is usually used to make the inner structure of hats. It is molded into shape by wetting and when it’s dry, it retains a self-supporting strength while remaining the translucent quality of […]

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The Killer viruses by Luke Jerram made of beautiful glass

Deadly Virus And Bacteria Glass Sculptures by Luke Jerram When we hear about deadly viruses, we rarely think of their beautifully complicated biological structures. However, UK-based visual artist Luke Jerram managed to alter our perception of such lethal viruses as Malaria, Small Pox, HIV or Swine Flu. Jerram created the exact visual replicas of the […]

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Award for Wonderkamers by Kiss the Frog and Kossman de Jong

Wonder Rooms Wins International Design and Communication Award Wonderkamers has won an International Design and Communication Award. The Gemeentemuseum won the prize in the category ‘Best Scenography for a permanent collection. Responsible for the exhibition design is Kiss the Frog and Kossmann.dejong. The awards reward innovative communication, design and branding strategies in the international museum […]

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Smart bicycle path design by Daan Roosengaarde

Bicycle path is made of rhinestones The luminous smart bicycle path of the Dutch artist, designer and entrepreneur Daan Roosegaarde, is opened on November 12. Due to the special character of the bike path, the official launch have largely take place in the dark. Mayor Rob van Gijzel of Eindhoven opened the bicycle path. With […]

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