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Geometry with the Okto cabinet by Jasserstudio

Okto cabinet by Jasser van Oort The mesmerising Okto cabinet by Jasser van Oort is a 1st generation computer designed cabinet still showing it’s underlying pixel- and geometrystructure. That is normally used to create it’s organic form and colour. The cabinet is inspired on the transformative characteristics of an octopus. The octopus is a master […]

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Painterly Spectrum resin by Taeg Nishimoto

“Painterly spectrum resin” is a table lamp that brings colors and their associations into a space as an object It is made of epoxy resin cast on the surface of parchment paper on which different color strokes are applied beforehand using latex paint, evoking the image of distant sky, water or landscape. When it’s lit, the […]

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Banksy Exhibition gives insides of the artist

The art of Banksy The Art of Banksy can be viewed until September 30 at the Beurs van Berlage. More than 85 works by the famous artist. Banksy’s works often have a political message or provocation Social criticism is a major theme of his work. The exhibitions shows, among other the works Media Canvas and […]

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Floresta | Frivolous & Rhythmical Design By Michel Gallus

Floresta is a coffee table with the ideas of the Art Nouveau in a modern timeframe The creator of Floresta Michel Gallus is Born and raised in Alkmaar (Netherlands), yet still outlandish in his own country. Michel is still going a long way in becoming both a graphic and furniture designer. During his studies on […]

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AHK graduates 2016 showing contemporary art Amsterdam

AHK; See You On The Other Side This is the final year that regular part-time students can visual graduate. That has everything to do with the choice of a few years ago by AHK to reduce the regular part-time training. This special group of students – often in later life – choose for an HBO […]

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HMC graduates in the spotlight Expo 2016 Amsterdam

HMC and the future of innovative craftsmanship Last monday the HMC Expo 2016 Amsterdam was officially opened by the city councilor from Amsterdam, Simone Kukenheim! The students find it great fun to present themselves and their work to parents, friends, acquaintances and the many interested people from the business. And like every year it’s a […]

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The up-coming of anatomic and disturbing decorated ceramics

The New English The Vivienne Westwood of tableware The New English brand smacks you right between the eyes. They’ve been described as ‘the Vivienne Westwood of tableware’ and I think that’s about right. From a series of plates that, when arranged correctly, make up a human skeleton (titled ‘supermodel’), to anatomically correct bone china hearts […]

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KunstRAI Amsterdam the heart of art the world of excellent

The 32th edition of the KunstRai KunstRAI is the longest running art fair for contemporary autonomous and applied art in the Netherlands: a public exhibition with over seventy-quality galleries that reflect the diversity, quality and diversity of the rich Dutch offer of contemporary art, design. Visitors will find autonomous painting, sculpture, photography and graphic art […]

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