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D’SIGN Award Entries

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Award Entry: ‘Coexist′ by Nynke Koster

Lifestyle Design entry: Coexist With my collection Coexist I made copies of monumental buildings. The question arises whether the contra molds are anonymous objects or that they have become an object to use; furniture. The questions remains when does a piece of furniture becomes art and when is it not? Where is the border? Name: […]

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Award Entry: ‘Father’s Knife′ by France Richards

Lifestyle Design entry: Father’s Knife Father’s Knife is made from CPM 154 steel, brass tube rivets and bird’s eye maple wood. Having done a stock removal process, the excess material was filed away by hand, rather than ground away with a belt sander, to reflect the timeless tradition of fabricating beautiful and functional knives. Name: […]

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Award Entry: ‘Unfold′ by Carly David

Lifestyle Design entry: Unfold Bags The emphasis of this collection is on the transformation of shape; tight folds transform into organic shapes. The idea behind this is that through action a new shape arises that is reminiscent of the starting shape. Nowadays pop-ups are present everywhere you look . With a pop-up something suddenly appears […]

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Award Entry: ‘Sparkle′ by Erik Remmers

Home Interior Design entry: Sparkle Lighting Sparkle is a series of pendant lamps with a lampshade made of reconstituted veneer. Little circular openings were made in the veneer with a laser. The combination of the copper strips with the wood veneer provides the lamp with a warm and elegant appearance. The lamp is available in […]

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Award Entry: ‘Thight′ by Wouter Defrancq

Home Interior Design entry: Thight Chair TIGHT is a chair that is put together without glue or nails and can be completely disassembled. Tight consists only of a single wooden frame tightened by a strap that also provides the chair’s comfort. Name: Wouter Defrancq Project name: Tight Category: Interior Design Website: Wouter Defrancq

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Award Entry: ‘Aleph′ by Mohamed Khalifa

Interior Design entry: Aleph dining table Aleph: the first letter of Arabic alphabet; Alif أ A design inspired by Arabic calligraphy. A square shaped dining table carefully crafted and simply outlined. The table is made out of fabricated wooden panels and a steel framework. Arabic calligraphy engraved on a wooden profile outlines the table top […]

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Award Entry: ‘Canorgraphy’ by Roos Meerman

Lifestyle Design entry: Physica Manufactura As a designer, I am focused on material and technology development. With the project Canorgraphy I make, by means of the sound waves that are produced by speakers, the invisible phenomenon sound visible by printing on textiles in different ways. In Aera Fabrica I use heat and air to blow […]

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Award Entry: ‘Cafe 7′ by Mohamed Khalifa

Interior Design entry: Cafe 7 Café club 7 is located in October city a fast growing suburb near the Giza plateau and it serves those interested in casual dining and a sip on the run. The project is constructed on a total area of 300 m² including a cuisine, an outdoor dining area and an […]

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