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D’SIGN Award Entries

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Award Entry: ‘MARK I′ by Mark Vrinzen

Home Interior Design entry: MARK I The ‘ MARK I ‘ shows, that the shapes reduced directly from nature, are more meaningful than the geometric perfection that man himself has created. The hollow egg is made out of plaster and can be broken if one chooses for its own functional importance. By using a hammer […]

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Award Entry: ‘PopUp Linen′ by Renate Nederpel

Home Interior Design entry: PopUp Linen Pop­Up Linen, a wardrobe by Dutch designer Renate Nederpel is made out of cotton fabric and wooden panels. The origami­esque construction method makes it able to fold the body completely flat when its wooden poles are removed. This wardrobe is created “to be produced and transported efficiently”. Name: Renate […]

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Award Entry: ‘Cubist′ by Menno Berkhout and Wim Reynaert

Home Interior Design entry: Cubist Site Table “Cubist” is a side table made of clear cast acrylic sheet with “dark edge” effect, following the Contravorm principle of combining shapes and their contra shapes in one single design: a square and a circle cut out of two rectangles. The four parts are put together and assembled […]

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Award Entry: ‘Leaf table′ by Benoit Beal

Home Interior Design entry: Leaf Table As part in a design process for the slimming center “Le Corps Léger” in Villars in France, the furniture section was also designed in accordance with the imposed theme in this project “nature”. This “leaf” table is the essential first part of the activity of the slimming center, the […]

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Award Entry: ‘Mad Flowers Jewelry′ by Bernadette van de Braak

Lifestyle Design entry: Mad Flowers Jewelry The Mad Flowers collection combines the masterful details of Nepalese jewelry together with flowered  based crochet patterns. The collections B-MADE presents to you start with a simple drawing and then grow into original pieces of jewelry, made by B-MADE on the roof of the world, just for you. Name: […]

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Award Entry: ‘Mad Flowers Carpet′ by Bernadette van de Braak

Home interior Design entry: Mad Flowers Carpet The Mad Flower carpet combines the hand knotted craft of Nepalese carpet with flowered based crochet patterns. The carpet B-MADE presents to you, start with a simple drawing and then grow into an original carpet, made by B-MADE on the roof of the world. Name: Bernadette van de […]

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Award Entry: ‘Mydesign′ by Noëlle Ingeveldt

Home Interior Design entry: Mydesign furniture Mydesign is a toy kit for children that allows them to draw up, construct and design their own furniture. Children from 6 years and up can independently build their own toys due the kit’s straightforward and solid constructionsystem. It has numerous construction options and decoration materials that enable children […]

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Award Entry: ‘Aura′ International project by Paula Te

Home Interior Design entry: Aura lighting Aura is a series of wifi-connected lights that act as portals to various spaces in a building. In modern working environments, where public spaces are shared across multiple teams, Aura offers subtle glimpses to ongoing activity and allow you to sense the pulse of the building. Name: Paula Te […]

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