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D’SIGN Award Entries

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Award Entry: ‘Instruments For Living’ by Lukas Wolzak

Lifestyle Design entry: Instruments For Living Many people rely heavily on electrical devices while their knowledge of the workings of these devices is often limited. Big warning labels discourage consumers to take a look inside the plastic housing. Instruments for living is a set of electrical devices for the living room which consists out of […]

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Award Entry: ‘Villa afrit 21’ Interior by Joy Bolk

Interior Design entry: Villa afrit 21 Interior How can a dull white interior become inhabitable once again? By connecting to the colors and textures of the dunes right outside, and reorienting the rooms to the course of the sun, it became a warm welcoming home, bringing this unique place to its full potential. Name: Joy […]

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Award Entry: ‘Wrangle’ Chair by Petra Parys

Home Interior Design entry: Wrangle This chair, Wrangle, is a chair made of flexible steel cable. It weighs about 2500 grams and the dimensions are: width: 45 cm, depth: 45 cm, height: 85 cm, seat height: 45 cm. The chair exist of 3021,6 cm of 4mm steel cable and for the hardening process I used […]

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Award Entry: ‘PIECES′ by Janneke Derks

Home Interior Design entry: PIECES Chair PIECES is a modern chair with woodworking joints. This chair consists of several parts (or pieces) that can be put together in a matter of minutes, without the use of nails, screws or glue. This makes the chair very compact for storage and transportation. The combination of white-washed birch […]

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Award Entry: ‘Blossom Escape’ by Laura Iosifescu

Lifestyle Design entry: Blossom Escape Art This dress is the first dress ever made completely out of paint with no other materials. The dress strives to challenge the boundaries set by conventional painting and the art world. With multi-coloured abstract structures and forms that jet out into space Laura’s dress becomes a wearable piece of […]

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Award Entry: ‘Gothveil’ by Sven Hulsbergen Henning

Home Interior Design entry: Gothveil Gothveil merges the beauty of abstract patterns composed by the mind with the expressive power of patterns materialized by force in time. The cabinet integrates the preconceived beauty of composition with the felt beauty of lived experience. It bonds us to the material world in a more natural way than […]

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Award Entry: ‘Plumber’s Piece′ by Studio Roex

Ecological Design entry: Plumber’s Piece Vase Plumber’s Piece is the result of experimentation with leather, inspired by the shape of membranes from expansion tanks. Fascinated by silhouette and properties of a rubber membrane and the constructive value of leather, StudioRoex developed a design that does justice to the membrane in terms of both function and […]

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Award Entry: ‘Malmö’ by Miguel Soeiro

Kitchen Design entry: Malmö Cutlery The pure shape of Malmö results from a creative process taken in hand by a promising and renowned Portuguese Designer. This recent model, made of 18/10 stainless steel, stands out by its fluid but yet sophisticated lines. This ensemble attributes any table an edgy and modern trait, that easily fits […]

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