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Design: Drying rack by Aaron Dunkerton

Great use of space Thanks to its shape of this wooden rack for drying clothes and linnen, a twelve-pointed star, clothes dru faster and us less space. The design of Aaron Dunkerton is made from narrow strips of plywood, which are connected to bars of brushed aluminium.

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Best of design week Milan, Stockholm, London, and New York 2013

Best of New Furniture Each year the design weeks from all over the world, are something to look forward to. Where an overwhelming amount of furniture and products are released each year. Starting in February with the Stockholm Design Week, followed by Design junction Milan in April. We keep you posted of course. But before […]

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Design: Monumantel creation by Jeroen Verhoeven

Lectori Salutem Desk by Jeroen Verhoeven Artist and designer Jeroen Verhoeven has created a polished steel desk using the profiles of two of his studio colleagues and computer aided design/ manufacturing. The Lectori Salutem desk, says Blain|Southern, Lectori Salutem is “a monumental creation made from highly-polished steel. While ostensibly a desk, its flowing contours and […]

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Wonderful Chair design to Illuminate your terrace by Kaare Bækgaard

Terrace Chair is Illuminating Outdoor furniture usually follow a limited number of existing conventions. The Terrace Chair is an attempt to go outside the rules or define a new convention: While being instantly recognizable, it looks somewhat different from what you would expect to find in your home & garden centre. The bulk of the […]

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Design: Tse & Tse Teapot Design

Tse Tse teapot A clever teapot goes by the name Tse & Tse. The porcelain teapot has a bentwood handle and a lid in stainless steel. The most important detail is probably the unusual shape of the body; the flat side is used for upright storage. Tse Teapot, by Tsé & Tsé Associées

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Design: Beautiful renovation by Jaime Hayon.

Information Centre at the Groninger Museum by Jaime Hayón Here are some more photos and sketches of the information centre by Spanish designer Jaime Hayón for the newly renovated Groninger Museum in the Netherlands. The space features long pendant lights hanging from a circular mirrored panel on the ceiling. In the middle of the room, desks […]

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Dutch Design by Werner Neumann

Werner Neumann new collection Werner Neumann, a furniture designer from The Netherlands, has two new collections of furniture, Organic and Birchwood, that he exhibited at Ventura Lambrate in Milan. The Organic collection (above and below), inspired by organic shapes and forms found in nature, was created by upholstering these forms with atypical materials like brass and leather. The Birchwood collection features […]

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Dutch Design Yearbook 2011 The best designs from 2010-2011

Selection for the Dutch Design Awards The Dutch Design Yearbook 2011 presents a survey of more than 60 of the best Dutch designs produced in 2010–2011 in the fields of spatial design, product design, graphic design and fashion. These are also the design selected for the Dutch Design Awards included. Combined with a selection of […]

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