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AHK graduates 2016 showing contemporary art Amsterdam

AHK; See You On The Other Side This is the final year that regular part-time students can visual graduate. That has everything to do with the choice of a few years ago by AHK to reduce the regular part-time training. This special group of students – often in later life – choose for an HBO […]

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KunstRAI Amsterdam the heart of art the world of excellent

The 32th edition of the KunstRai KunstRAI is the longest running art fair for contemporary autonomous and applied art in the Netherlands: a public exhibition with over seventy-quality galleries that reflect the diversity, quality and diversity of the rich Dutch offer of contemporary art, design. Visitors will find autonomous painting, sculpture, photography and graphic art […]

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The most creative ceramicists and visionaries around

Ceramicists; Rules Are Made To Be Broken Penny Byrne, the Melbourne artist subverting kitsch ceramics. Penny Byrne is of course no ordinary fixer of priceless porcelain. As she puts the last of her ‘day job’ pieces back into a storage unit, that ‘separates’ her professional lives, Byrne has an errant glint in her eye. The […]

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The Killer viruses by Luke Jerram made of beautiful glass

Deadly Virus And Bacteria Glass Sculptures by Luke Jerram When we hear about deadly viruses, we rarely think of their beautifully complicated biological structures. However, UK-based visual artist Luke Jerram managed to alter our perception of such lethal viruses as Malaria, Small Pox, HIV or Swine Flu. Jerram created the exact visual replicas of the […]

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‘Untamed’ Painting by Gøkhan Tanatars

Atmospheric portrait by Gøkhan Tanatars Gøkhan Tanatars portraits are simultaneously present and vivid, but always with the eyes averted and terminated in the dark. Beautiful and atmospheric works that despite their directness, yet open for the viewer’s own interpretations. The inner demons are let loose and you get a moments opportunity to reflect in the […]

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H&M goes in Art

Fashion chain H & M in art It might not know something where you think a by fashion chain, but H & M, steps into the world of art. Five artists were approached to work with five well-known Dutch women to deal with the issue of sustainability. The result can be seen from mid-April in […]

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Mesmerising work by animator Rino Stefano Tagliafierro

Sentiment of life caught in mesmerising video Italian animator and director, Rino Stefano Tagliafierro (1980) work “Beauty” is trying to show the “Sentiment of the painting”. The video released in early January 2014, created by animating masterpieces of Western art. Takes Tagliafierro the viewer into the story they tell on canvas. The video is full […]

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Design whitin the boundaries that lie Perception Park

Perception Park

Platform for Designers Perception Park Studio Perception Park is a young studio based in Paris, a new artistic research and exchange platform. It federates artists and designers, all forms of expression brought together, selected for their approach and for the confluence of their languages, ​​in an attempt to identify and present the emerging creation in […]

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