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Blumenampel by Zascho Petkow & Birgit Severin

For Atelier HAUßMANN

Seen in Milan this design Zascho Petkow and Birgit Severin. a Great combination from two independent designers became one. Ashes by Birgit Severin, is a series of rubber vases which reinterprets the idea of vanitas. The project combines the newest production techniques with handcraft. A novel type of materiality was developed through combining 3D printing with rubber rotation casting, resulting in a rough, matte surface overlayed with a sparkling pattern of jewellike points. The series contains full and unique hand finished vases in different stages of ‚withering‘, Ashes combines perfect with the “Blumenampel designed by Zascho Petkow and is made from a powder-coated metal frame.

Zascho Petkow and Birgit Severin Ashes and Blumenapmel for Atelier Haubman
Zascho Petkow & Birgit Severin Ashes and Blumenapmel for Atelier Haubman

Both Designers, Zascho Petkow and Birgit Severin, developed their projects Blumenampel and the Ash series independent from each other. Gabriela Reumer discovered the great potential in combining the two for Atelier Haußmann. Both projects enrich and enhance each other conceptual and aesthetically.

“We don’t follow any fashions. We try to do as little as possible when we work on our product design”. It’s up to the product itself. Its desire to be a bed, a hook or a table”.

More info at atelierhaussmann.de


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